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ECVSMR Conference in Ghent, September 19-21 2019

Dear Colleagues,

What a year it has been…

Ever since 2009, VEPRA has joined all people throughout Europe interested in animal rehabilitation and physical therapy and offered the opportunity to improve their skills. With every following year, more and more people followed. Earlier this year, all of these efforts and enthusiasm resulted in the ultimate reward one can achieve: the start of a very own EBVS® recognized European college of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation!
In 2019, the VEPRA conference will take place in Ghent and we’ll make  it a special edition… To celebrate the creation of the ECVSMR College, this year’s VEPRA conference will join hands with the college and will be the very first VEPRA/ECVSMR conference, offering lectures and workshops given by renowned international speakers on Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in both Small Animal AND Equine medicine.

I therefor gladly invite you to come over and celebrate this special event together with us in Ghent and enjoy the practical hands-on part during the pre-congress,  the scientific novelties during our 2-day meeting and of course taste some of that good Belgian way of life…

Both speakers and sponsors are ready to make this the best Veterinary Sport Medicine, Rehab and Physiotherapeutic meeting of the year.
If you are only half as excited as I am, we’re going to have a fantastic meeting!

Warm regards and see you all in Ghent!

Dr. Yves Samoy, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECVSMR

President of the VEPRA Organizing Committee

Where:                GHENT, Belgium

When:                 19 – 21 September 2019


   Faculty of veterinary medicine, Ghent University Belgium

2 days conference on rehabilitation and sports medicine in Small and Large Animals with international guest speakers

   Thagaste Monastery

Find more information to registration, program and call for abstracts here:

ECVSMR/VEPRA conference


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