3rd Edition Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery

I am pleased to announce you that next 12-04-2024 will be published the 3rd Edition of the book by Kenneth W Hinchcliff & Andris J. Kaneps & Raymond J. Geor & Emmanuelle Van Erck-Westergen Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery published by Saunders Elsevier, to which I have modestly contributed, with the collaboration of Dr Dominique Votion and Dr Richard J Piercy, in the two chapters dedicated to skeletal muscle, specifically those entitled: "Muscle physiology: responses to exercise and conditioning" and "Muscle disorders of equine athletes", two extensive and profound chapters of which I am very proud.

It is a reference production, with 1440 pages and more than 160 full color illustrations, in which an impressive panel of international specialists in this area of knowledge have participated, coordinated by Dr. Kenneth W. Hinchcliff Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Melbourne (Australia). Undoubtedly, an essential text for the veterinarian specializing in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Access all the evidence-based guidelines for keeping athletic horses healthy and physically fit! Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery, 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive guide to the physiology of exercise and training within a clinical context, along with a detailed review of all diseases affecting horses used in racing and competition. This text not only discusses the physiological responses of each body system to exercise, but also covers nutritional support, prevention of exercise-induced disorders and lameness, and modification of training regimens. New to this edition, topics such as the effects of drugs on performance and the use of cloud-based technologies to monitor performance are included. Written by an expert team of international authors masterfully led by Dr. Kenneth W. Hinchcliff, this authoritative, all-in-one resource is also available as an e-book from Expert Consult with every new print purchase .You can find all the information at the following link:


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