Proccedings 2. ECVSMR Scientific Meeting
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Establishing a Metabolic Performance Profile for Endurance Racehorses

Presenting author: Tatiana Vinardell

Forelimb accelerations and forces at take-off in vertical jumps at different heights in show jumper horses

Presenting author: Aritz Saitua

Preliminary descriptive statistics on 54 horses with suspensory ligament branch injuries

Presenting author: Albert Mestres Aldavó

Total power and velocity before and after application of capacitive resistive electric transfer at 448 khz in spanishbred dressage horses performing collected, working, medium and extended trot

Presenting author: Mireya Becero

Objective assessment of the tempo to improve horse-rider precision in dressage using an extremity mounted inertial measurement unit system

Presenting author: Paola Marescaux

Influence of the rider on movement of dressage horses at collected trot

Presenting author: Manon Fioretti

Relative heights of the withers and the tubera sacrale and angulation of the lumbar and pelvic regions in horses with hindlimb proximal suspensory desmopathy, sacroiliac joint region pain and control horses

Presenting author: Mounia Gruyaert

Risk Factors for the Development of Shoulder Injuries in Dogs Competing in Agility

Presenting author: Nina R. Kieves

Autologous adipo tissue mesenchymal stem cells (ATMSCS) administration in dog with severe osteoarthritis and arthrosis: a case report

Presenting author: Mirella Lopedote

Swimming puppy syndrome in a whole litter – a case report

Presenting author: Anita Kraljević