Residency Programs

Qualifications to sit the diploma examination

The training can be completed in small animal (SA track) or equine (EQ track) sports medicine and rehabilitation.


The objectives of the training programme are to:

  • instruct the resident in the science and practice of sports medicine and rehabilitation and its supporting disciplines.
  • provide the resident with the generic and specific skills to embark on a career in this field including clinical practice, research and teaching
  • promote the welfare of animals used in sport
  • enhance quality of service to the public.
  1. To be allowed to sit the examination an applicant must give evidence of satisfactory completion of an approved training period of at least 4 years to general veterinary education, training and practise, and to special education, training, and practise of veterinary SPORTS MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, both after the date of graduation from a veterinary school. The following sequence of training is to be used:
    • A first period of a minimum of one year must be a rotating internship, or its equivalent, as defined by the ECVSMR Education Committee.
    • A second residency period shall comprise a minimum of 3 years postgraduate training programme under supervision of Diplomates of the ECVSMR
  2. This residency period may constitute:
    • a standard residency training programme, which is the minimum and most time efficient education and/or training under appropriate supervision that will qualify a candidate for examination.
    • In exceptional cases, a candidate whose circumstances do not permit enrolment in a standard programme may submit an equivalent, alternative programme, in cooperation with his/her supervisor, the College, and the resources available to the individual, for advanced study and experience.

In addition, all categories of candidates shall meet the requirements for publications as described in Policies and Procedures of the ECVSMR.


Detailed information to the residency programs can be found in the ECVSMR P&Ps >>