Exam 2025

The next exam will take place on 24-25 February 2025, Ghent, Belgium.

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The European College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (ECVSMR) offers different pathways to board certification:

Recognition of DACVSMR

EBVS recognises that, in some non-European countries or areas, the training and examination of specialists is equivalent to that provided by EBVS-affiliated Colleges. EBVS colleges should ordinarily restrict membership to those who have a connection to Europe. The credentials of the applicant and their activity in making a
major contribution to the EBVS college are more important than the place of residence or nationality. Under such circumstances, an EBVS college may, if it so wishes, temporarily grant Diplomate status of their College, provided that the applicant can meet the following minimum conditions: read more >>

Residency Program

To be allowed to sit the examination an applicant must give evidence of satisfactory completion of an approved training period of at least 4 years to general veterinary education, training and practise, and to special education, training, and practise of veterinary SPORTS MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, both after the date of graduation from a veterinary school. Read more >>


As is stated in the Policies section II, part A.14 of the EBVS, a standard procedure has to be established in which the prerequisites for re-certification of the Diplomates for membership of the College are described. This re-certification has to be done under the responsibility of the College. Read more >>


Non-european applicants

For veterinarians who wish to apply for recognition as a Diplomate of ECVSMR but do not work in Europe, the following regulation applies:


The EBVS states in its Policies & Procedures: "The College must only certify veterinarians who are licensed to practise or are eligible to be licensed to practise in a European country. Applicants may be relieved of this requirement in exceptional cases." The Board of ECVSMR would therefore like to point out the following:


1. De facto recognition is only possible if the applicant can prove that he or she is working in Europe. This is based on the fact that a de facto status is linked to numerous obligations, such as active participation in the ECVSMR committees and/or the training of residents.


2. Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (DACVSMR) can apply for recognition by ECVSMR, subject to evaluation by the credentials committee.


3. Subject to approval by the credentials committee, non-Europeans can apply for the initial applicant pathway.


However, the ECVSMR would like to reiterate that obtaining ECVSMR Diplomate status does not automatically lead to the eligibility to work in Europe.