Essential Facts of Equine Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Available on April 10, 2024

With contributions from over 80 renowned experts, the book is a pinnacle of knowledge in the field. This comprehensive tome is authored by experienced veterinarians and physiotherapists who have contributed significantly to equine health and performance. Joao Paulo Marques, the editing author, is not only one of the leading experts in the field but also for many years a key specialist at FEI and the Olympic Games.



Many authors are prestigious university professors who represent additionally academic expertise from all over the world.



The book serves as a standard work and is the recommended textbook for veterinary students and professionals specializing in physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine.



Endorsed by numerous universities worldwide, this book offers unparalleled insights into equine health and performance. It embraces an interactive approach to learning and guides readers through concise texts, essential facts, and scientific highlights. Illustrated with over 1000 pictures and supplemented by tutorial videos, it provides a dynamic and engaging educational experience to transform the knowledge of worldwide experts into a valuable and comprehensive format.



Take advantage of this essential addition to your professional library!



Dr. Beate Egner