Initial Applicant Pathway

Dear all,

we are pleased to announce that the call for the initial applicant pathway to gain recognition as European Diplomate for Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is now open.

This pathway is designed for veterinarians who have extensive experience. In addition to fulfilling the criteria as described in the applicant form the applicants will need to successfully pass a three part exam over two days.

The exam will take place in February 2021, the location will be announced soon.

Please find further information here:

  • Reading list >>
  • Applicant form >>
  • Fee >>
  • Exam guide >>
  • Sample questions >>
  • Application for re-sitting the exam >>

Please send your application to


We are looking forward working with you.

Best wishes



Non-european applicants

For veterinarians who wish to apply for recognition as a Diplomate of ECVSMR but do not work in Europe, the following regulation applies:


The EBVS states in its Policies & Procedures: "The College must only certify veterinarians who are licensed to practise or are eligible to be licensed to practise in a European country. Applicants may be relieved of this requirement in exceptional cases." The Board of ECVSMR would therefore like to point out the following:


Subject to approval by the credentials committee, non-Europeans can apply for the initial applicant pathway.


However, the ECVSMR would like to reiterate that obtaining ECVSMR Diplomate status does not automatically lead to the eligibility to work in Europe.