NOSAÏS needs financial help and support

NOSAÏS is a scientific research program, handled by a non profit institution, aiming to develop canine olfactory detection of human and animal diseases, especially in disadvantaged countries. The NOSAÏS team, actually part of the veterinary school of Alfort (France), already published demonstrating results on :


-        Colon Cancers (collaboration with the Saint Joseph University of Beyrouth, Lebanon)


-        CoVID-19 (collaboration with more than 35 countries worldwide)


As of today, NOSAÏS programs are focussed on :


-          Early detection of high grade prostate cancers


-          Early detection of Parkinson disease


-          Detection of dairy cows subclinic mastitis


-          Detection of Dengue


NOSAÏS needs financial help and support among the public and the veterinary world, in order to extend this highly « One Health » representative  approach to as many countries as possible, and provide cheep, early and non invasive detection methods for human proliferative, degenerative or infectious human diseases…and also consider that trained dogs might be a serious help for some animal diseases.


To make a donation :                   https://www.payasso.fr/association-nosais/dons





Prof Dominique Grandjean




   Ecole Nationale Veterinaire d’Alfort