Equine Gait Analysis Society Course

This post-graduate course for equine veterinarians approaches all aspects related to the clinical application of quantitative gait analysis in horses. The Equine Gait Analysis Society and its course is a shared idea of dr. Filipe Serra Bragança and dr. Aagje Hardeman. 

'We both did our PhD on the clinical application of equine gait analysis and noticed the enormous gap between science and clinician in this field. Knowledge was not readable or clinically useful for orthopaedic vets, neither was it organised in a structured matter.

This project is our joined dream. We will make all scientific knowledge understandable and useful for clinicians in such way that quantitative gait analysis will bring equine orthopaedics to a higher level!'

Do you want to know more about this technology and become a certified gait analysis user, join our course!


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